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The Gypsy In The Orchard... {Stanthorpe, Qld Portrait Photography}

The Gypsy Princess ~ Part II

Gosh she melts my heart... she is such a free spirit, strong willed, loving, I thought my world would never be the same, when they moved interstate, when I wouldn't see her each and every day... as I had up to then. I thought my son would never survive the distance, the grief... of his soul mate no longer being by his side through each and every day... each and every milestone... Oh how I miss her... I worry for the day we go home again... when this visit ends all too soon... I worry that the long goodbye will be as heartbreaking as it was last year... when we headed home then... as she kneeled high, on a chair, tears pouring from her eyes... sadness pouring from her soul... we watched on... as she stroked her cousin's hair... planted long, hard kisses upon his head... as he held her so tight, arms around her waist... telling her it would be OK... that he would always love her... that he would see her again soon... and he wept hard... blinking away tears... In that moment I saw something I always knew was there... but never quite understood the power of... a bond that would be everlasting, no matter the distance... the days that would pass between visits... the words that would go unsaid in between... they would always be this way... two of a kind... soul mates... kindred spirits... cousins born just ten days apart... who shared the bond of twins... Could it be that they share something so beyond their years, something beautiful and profound and incredibly mature... The way their hearts tore in two, like a child being torn from a mother... tears that soaked into the concrete beneath them... cries that pierced our ears with pain as we watched on... could it be that they would ever survive this... this overwhelming emotion... this deep despair... and Oh, how we have missed her... I do not look forward to our goodbye... to witnessing their hearts break that way... But I might be sad... if it hurt them any less.



Ciao for now... Hayley x


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Teish said...

you have such a way with words hayley i wasn't even there to witness this separation and yet my heart aches as i read of their heart ache.

such a beautiful and meaningful relationship at such a young age is often unheard of these are 2 lucky kids indeed.

may they hold each other close forever <3<3<3

Stephanie Peyton said...

Hayle you amaze me. Every single photo is so beautiful! I especially love the first two! Gorgeous!!!

Teresa said...

Hayley your work is so very magical! She is such a beautiful girl, I'm so sorry that you can't see each other more often. Distance is so hard. I loooove your photography!

Kimberly Chorney said...

Seriously gorgeous......

Kellie said...

Magic, pure magic. Your words, your images...so absolutely breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

YOu should be a writer as well, seriously, you have so much talent. I'm loving your posts.

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